Consider all the additional challenges teachers and learners face now: distance, cleanliness protocols, the possible distraction of anxious thoughts, over and above what any generation of students has had to face in living memory.  It’s critical, then, that students and teachers work in comfortable, flexible, worry-free spaces. They need to get all they can out of their learning hours and all they can from the very best in classroom furniture and design.


There is more need than ever for adaptable learning areas. Our modular walls can create classrooms where there were none before, or parcel a larger space into teachers’ offices or an expanded school library. They can then be reconfigured or removed without enormous construction cost or mess.

You can wall off smaller spaces as well, for individual study or for small groups. A specially walled-off rehearsal space would be ideal as well for the practicing musician, singer, or actor perfecting that all-important audition performance, or for the quiet soul who is just discovering how very much he loves to read!

Even the home learning environment can be walled off from the rest of the home with our modular glass or architectural walls. A dedicated home classroom helps structure a family’s life, providing literal boundaries between the “school day” and the rest of a student’s life, helpful when both parents and kids need to kick back and relax.

Inside the Classroom

The right classroom furniture, whether it be collaborative pods, individual desks, or long work benches, can reinforce both order and good communication in the learning space. A harmoniously designed room helps students feel more at ease in mind, and the best furniture is ergonomically designed to help their bodies be at ease as well.

A good classroom needs lots of storage too, of course, but flexible, unobtrusive storage that doesn’t interfere with student movement and communication. Room to move but not get too close to one another will be a concern in the classroom for a good while yet, as will arrangements of storage that don’t block windows or vents, so everyone benefits from a free flow of air.

This study1 asserts the non-trivial effect of “Light, Temperature… Flexibility, Complexity and Colour” on students’ learning outcomes, coming to the conclusion that a well-designed classroom can improve learning outcomes by 16%. Total Visions can guide you through the entire process of bringing these important qualities into your classroom, creating an atmosphere that energizes the imagination but also allows for extended periods of focused thought. Bright, strong furniture on wheels, for example, can be quickly reconfigured to move the whole class from the group Social Studies project to the weekly Math Quiz with minimal time and bother.

And of course anything we use in classroom must be durable and tough as nails! The sliding, bumping, falling, and scraping (and these days, scrubbing!) that classroom furniture endures is far beyond any hard knocks to be found at home or in an office.

Hanging Out

Outside the classroom, a school’s common areas need to serve many purposes and accommodate varied activities. Students socialize, study, and eat there, sure, but they also practice their dance moves! They might workshop their new poems while lounging on those couches, or put together their giant science project on those long tables or counters. The right mix of easy-to-rearrange tables, chairs, couches and counters can make such a space both versatile and inviting, a place where minds are expanded and memories are made.

Let Total Visions help you design your learning commons, libraries, and student lounges. The look and feel of these spaces can assert and reinforce your school’s history, enthusiasms and philosophy. They demonstrate how you highly you value their social lives and showcase the many ways in which you invite your students to grow and learn.

A school’s staff needs spaces like this too, to escape for a quite hour, to grab a coffee before band practice, or to host that professional development workshop. Your staff works hard and so should your staff room. Heavily burdened and overworked teachers will be able to recoup their energy and support one another in a space where they can both relax and prepare.

With everything learners and teachers have had to face in the past year, the learning space itself may never be the same again. The experts at Total Visions can walk with you through the maze of innovation and adaptation, to give your staff and students every opportunity to realize their greatest potential.