Traditional office walls might be good enough for antiquated companies in obsolete spaces, but for a firm that keeps up with cutting-edge ways of doing business, or that needs to renovate or move offices as economically as possible, they will no longer do. Architectural walls, fitted top and bottom to customizable rail systems on the ceiling and floor, are the ideal solution for fitting out the vibrant modern office.

Beautiful Work

The walls themselves are available in many materials and finishes. They can be opaque, translucent, or completely transparent, customizable in every way to suit the unique requirements of each room’s specific function. When these needs change, you can move them into whatever new configurations best serve your expanding business. They can also be dismantled and taken with you to a new office location.

We shouldn’t forget that everyone in your office needs to look at the walls for hours every day. Architectural walls can be tailored to your aesthetic taste, using colours and finishes that you and your staff will find visually pleasing. Don’t underestimate the value of working with harmony, order, and beautifully designed colour around you. These clear the mind and can increase productivity and the morale of staff.

Team Work

Your company’s project teams and working groups will value your effort to provide them with rooms where nothing can get in the way of their best work for you and your clients, spaces uniquely designed for your staff’s planning and technology needs. And when great ideas spark and things get animated in the daily huddle, everyone in your office will appreciate those acoustic walls and that door.

Solo Work

Sometimes a worker needs to get away from everyone, whether it’s to let the brain follow an idea to its best conclusion or just deal with those two hundred emails that piled up while she was on vacation! Spaces that might seem too small for a traditional office can be made into private communication or brainstorming spaces using architectural walls. If you use glass panels, they’ll provide that concentration and quiet without feeling claustrophobic, making the most of every square foot of office space you have.

Client Work

Those important meetings with clients can, with architectural walls, take place in a private, professional, and elegant conference room, situated in the most advantageous and light-filled part of your office space. The same kinds of walls and partitions can be designed to provide a pleasing reception area, establishing your company’s brand visually from the moment someone comes through the door.

Do you manufacture goods to sell wholesale? Architectural walls can transform some of your space into a dedicated showroom where your products can be displayed to their best advantage in a thoughtfully curated storefront setting. This is another great way to visually define your brand for interested retailers.

 Home Work

That unused basement or attic you’ve been thinking about turning into a home office or studio — wouldn’t it be ideal to use an architectural wall system in that space? As both your family and business grow and change, these walls can be moved or added to without the enormous renovation hassle and cost of demolishing and erecting traditional walls.

Do you work in a home with children, big or small? In an office with glass architectural walls, you can work and keep an eye on the kids without interrupting your flow or their homework.  Others in the household can carry on with hobbies, housework, and those blasting video games while you work in quietness.

Many contemporary condos and apartments are built with these sorts of dedicated office spaces already provided, but the disadvantage there is that those walls are permanent and have been designed with very generic use in mind. Modern open-plan homes invite you to arrange various work spaces flexibly, the way it will function best for you and your family. Architectural walls can provide this at a fraction of the cost and disruption of traditional renovation.

Total Visions Works

The team at Total Visions can make more out of your existing office square footage than you can possibly imagine. Kyle and his team have decades of experience making architectural walls work for you. See how your work space can be transformed: contact them today!