Our best ideas don’t come, sadly, at our beck and call. They’re hiding in our brains, waiting for the perfect combination of need and circumstance to coax them out. And we know that one of the best circumstances in which ideas can be set free is in open collaboration – brainstorming with valued colleagues. At its best this activity almost transcends work; it’s a dance, where everyone passes to and fro skillfully, generously, among the possibilities until the ideal form begins to emerge. Your solution presents itself and every member of the team knows their contribution is in there. The whole is satisfyingly more than the sum of its parts.

We can help this vital process along by planning collaborative workspaces that nurture every stage of the process.

Work Office Lounge Solutions

Search for the Solution:

Cutting-edge office furniture can help people collaborate in small spaces, even in an open-plan office. Before and between large meetings, pairs and small teams can talk through the ideas and stages of the latest project. You can allocate space for simple smaller tables and chairs in an unused corner. But if you can, why not provide walled pods or booths for private or impromptu meetings? Then you’re set up to capture a team’s innovations when and where they might occur.

Capture the Solution:

You know the cliché: the writer awakens in the night with his greatest lines. In a fury, he grabs the pen and notebook he keeps always at hand to record the lines he must not forget. When that necessary idea finally bubbles to the surface, we must be able to capture it before it pops and disappears!

In the same way, collaborative spaces should provide whiteboards and enough of them. We’ve all seen these mounted on walls and on easels, sure, but the modern office can also install entire whiteboard kiosks. These multi-sided pillars display numerous surfaces where flashes of inspiration can be recorded and fleshed out for everyone in the group to see.

Best Collaborative Office

Perfect the Solution:

Now’s the time for the team to gather and sand the rough edges off this presentation. For that to work as well as it can, you’re going to want collaborative furniture designed for comfort and ease. Nothing should distract from your team’s goals. You need the perfect spacious conference tables and comfortable conference seating, all with enough room for your team to spread out, settle in, and focus on the tasks at hand.

Share the Solution:

When your plan is finished, you’re going to want to share it with all the pertinent stakeholders while it’s shiny and new. This means your collaborative areas are best supplied with the latest interactive media. You don’t want old tech getting in the way of new projects, so screens and telecommunication equipment that’s right up-to-date can make meetings work across the miles, or with team members working from home.

The Solution’s Newest Incubator: The Collaborative Lounge

A final word about the latest millennial-friendly collaborative office space: design yourself a lounge.

A collaborative lounge serves much the same purpose as large or small meeting rooms, but is assembled with a more relaxed, living-room vibe, stressing the comfort that helps people do their best work. A great lounge contains what you might think: couches, ottomans, armchairs, lower “coffee table”-style surfaces. It’s a place for work, certainly, but also a place where teams can let their defenses down and clients will feel at ease listening to your fantastic project pitch.

A lounge lends itself to meetings large and small, and can, when needed, accommodate individual work as well, for those who work best cuddled into the corner of a couch with their laptops.

And the lounge concept is also a great chance for you to make your brand stand out aesthetically. Is your company best represented by low, clean, contemporary lounge furniture in a vibrant neon colour? Or do your clients expect your brand to be traditional, bolstering their confidence with traditional couches and love seats in neutrals or old-world leather? You get to decide, and to add those extra touches that make your employees and clients feel a little but more special and make your company that much more memorable.

Do these ideas get the wheels turning in your brain? Get in touch with us at Total Visions today to help you design the most beautiful and exciting collaborative work spaces!