After spending over one year in a largely work-from-home situation for most corporate offices, many businesses are getting ready for back-to-work. During this time, you may have considered how interior renovations in your respective office spaces could contribute to employee engagement and happiness.

As a business owner or manager, making the most of your workspace is an important consideration to have. While renovations can be an overwhelming experience, it doesn’t always have to be with a partner to support your renewed vision.

In this article, we will provide tips on how to get your space ready for back-to-work once offices re-open.


Getting Your Office Spaces Ready For Back-To-Work


1. Create dedicated areas for departments 

While you may have had “hot desk” areas for your employees, which is shared office spaces, you may consider having dedicated areas for departments in this new world. Creating dedicated areas for departments in the way of having benching systems or dividers between your desks will help support your team in preparing for back-to-work environments.

Adding plexi glass dividers can be a very quick installation to make your teams feel like they can work in a safe and secure area.


2. Dedicate a separate room for visitors 

By designating specific spaces for visitors, which includes packages and deliveries, your employees can limit the contact with people coming into your office. Consider renovating a small room for this practice and keep it as small and contactless as possible.


3. Have a ‘welcome area’ for your employees 

Turning your welcome area, or your previous reception area, for your employees can provide a multi purpose solution; one, your employees can have their temperatures checked and pick-up safety equipment, and two, you can provide instructions and directions on how your staff can interact with one another throughout their work day.


4. Consider adding contactless and automatic doors 

Limiting the number of touch points for your employees can be a key tactic of containment for any virus that may be current or in the future. Moving your business to contactless ID cards may be a significant financial lift, though can be a long term tactic in the health and security of your office.


5. Installation of new furniture 

While you’ve been away from the office for the last year, there has been change in trends and technology. Surprise! Through this time, you may have considered installing accent chairs in your workspace to provide separate working areas, or you may have considered easier to clean materials and surfaces which will help to support cleanliness. Overall, ensure you are installing comfortable materials that will ease your employees’ transition back into the workplace on either a part time or a full time basis.


We understand that getting back to work in an office can be overwhelming to your staff. During this time, you may have established renovations for your office, or you may have been considering a strategy for social distancing in your office. If you are considering renovations or alternations in your business as you prepare, contact us for a consultation here.