You remember the glory days: that exciting meeting in your boardroom, when a key program, deal, or vision came together and took your business to its next level. The energy in the room was electric, and you and your colleagues stood shoulder to shoulder looking confidently into the future.

It’s the shoulder-to-shoulder idea that’s a problem now, isn’t it?

If you or your employees are working in the office, it’s a different place now, and will remain so for some time to come. You might look longingly at your empty boardroom and pine for the days when it was full and buzzing. Now it’s just… useless, isn’t it?

No! Of course it’s not! The modern boardroom can be more versatile and useful than ever as companies learn to work with Covid-era distancing and safety protocols.

The most obvious strength of the boardroom is its size and that gorgeous long table. Meetings with fewer people are perfect held there, where people can be properly distant but still physically present. There is nothing for team-building like actual physical presence, the back and forth of keen minds in the trenches of problem-solving. Medically vulnerable team members, or folks who can’t attend because of distancing rules, can join the fray virtually.

This is the time to fit your boardroom out with technology to make virtual meetings as seamless and personal as possible — think LED video walls and premium wireless conferencing systems with 360° mics and cameras. The more immersive your virtual meeting, the more relaxed your people will feel, producing their best work through fluid collaboration.

Remote clients as well will feel welcome and impressed by a cutting-edge, immersive virtual presentation experience. You can display your brand as the most agile player in your field, responding efficiently and quickly to what the moment demands.

So if you have the latest tech displayed on a huge, pop-up video screen, those funky new cameras are going to give clients a pretty close look at your boardroom itself. The effect of stunning hardware and software is going to be wasted if the room itself is dull and dated. Even now, then, it’s worth investing in the best boardroom furniture you can afford.

You know your company. Is its look old-world stability expressed in dark wood and leather, or is it best represented by the contemporary glint of glass and chrome? The overall look says a lot about your company’s vision and values.

Colour, too, can express a great deal about a brand. Don’t lean on beige and grey, on dated neutrals or dust-showing black surfaces. Take a bold step and fill the room with colour. If your company is associated with a certain colour (Golden Arches, anyone?), then that’s a natural choice. Colour can affect the mood of a room too, however, and taking into account a room’s uses and your company’s various goals can help you choose the perfect colour.

For a boardroom that energizes and stimulates, choose red. Red is the colour of strength. It increases the pulse and gives the impression of time passing more quickly. It is also the most eye-catching colour. A boardroom used for lots of brainstorming and goal-setting would work well in red.

Blue is the classic colour of order and professionalism. Blue implies intelligence and class. Certain blues, usually the paler shades, also project an air of calm and serenity. For a boardroom that stabilizes and assures, perhaps one where you visit with clients and potential customers, choose blue.

To bring creativity, confidence, and optimism into your boardroom, choose yellow. Yellow stimulates the emotions, creating an atmosphere of open friendliness and, if used judiciously, happiness and high self-esteem. Yellow would work well in a boardroom used for lots of team activities.

You will create a calm retreat in a chaotic workday if you use green in your boardroom. Nature’s colour, in all but its most neon-lime shades, promotes relaxation and calm. It would work well for a boardroom that hosts client presentations and long periods of intense conversation and thought.

Orange can bring comfort, warmth, security, and fun into your boardroom. A blend of red and yellow, it is stimulating but also comforting, associated with food, safety, and abundance. Orange would work well in your boardroom if your company’s business is to bring comfort and security to customers.

Whatever colour suits your taste, in whatever style represents your brand, the experienced team at Total Visions can help you realize the full potential of your boardroom. Together we can make it into the beating heart of your office. Contact us today!