You’ve had it in your head for ages now: your dream office.

You can imagine it: a nice private office for you, where you can get your head together at the beginning and end of a busy day, and spend rich hours working on your company’s growth. A bright, modern conference room where you can meet with staff and clients in comfort. A bustling, energizing floor of break-out spaces for project teams but also spaces for privacy that will help your people do their greatest work. And a sleek, sophisticated reception area that will give visitors a great first impression. You can imagine it all.

But when you look at the office space you actually have, well, that’s not working nearly as well as it should It might be overcrowded and unnecessarily noisy. Work groups find it difficult to meet effectively and individuals are distracted and And there’s no place for clients to be received and wait for you in comfort and style. That doesn’t look good.

Or maybe you’re starting a company, or moving to a new location, and are now faced with that huge open floor. How many work stations and team areas will fit in there? Where should the reception desk go? Where can your nice private office go? You read somewhere once about “architectural walls” for offices, but you can’t quite remember what that was all about.

You’re good at what you do, but office planning is not what you do.

So you head out to one of the Lower Mainland’s huge office furniture retail stores. Makes sense, right? But… holy cow. There are warehouses full of options there! How can you know which ones are best for you? And how will you know that the retail sales staff are giving you the right advice? They’ve never seen your office, or how your staff work. They certainly don’t have time to discuss your unique needs in detail.

You had no idea, as well, how many product lines and new types of workstations and wall systems were out there. It makes your head swim. You have no idea which one would work best for your company, or which ones you’re going to be able to afford when all is said and done. I mean, you and your people could sit down and work that all out for yourselves, sure, but that would take some serious time, time you’re pretty sure you don’t have. You have a business to run!

Here’s where Kyle and the team at Total Visions Interiors can come to your rescue. They’ll give you personal consultation about your company’s needs all along the way, and you’ll work with a professional who has decades of experience in office planning and products. And you’ll be buying your products from a direct distributor, cutting the retail step out completely. All those details of office planning that keep you awake at night? You can trust Total Visions to take them completely off your mind.

Total Visions specializes in those architectural walls, also called modular walls, completely customizable walls that can be erected in many different configurations, creating private offices, conference rooms, a reception area, and as many workstations as you need. These walls can be solid to create privacy, or glass to give your office an open, airy atmosphere and take full advantage of Metro Vancouver’s precious natural light. When your company prospers and grows, you can reconfigure them or even take them with you to a bigger office!

And that gorgeous reception area that will inspire confidence in every client who crosses your threshold? You can have it. Total Visions offers prefabricated reception area solutions that are much more affordable than custom-made units. So you can afford a beautiful, sophisticated reception area sooner than you thought you might. It will pay off in fantastic first impressions.

Don’t let yourself drown in the overwhelming sea of retail office solutions.. Kyle and his experienced team will work with you to turn your vast open space into that stylish and multi-functioning office you dream about, one that will serve you now and grow with you as your company becomes more and more successful.

So you can look out of your cozy private office at the sleek, efficient, creative office you’ve been dreaming about. Get in touch with Total Visions today!