Well it’s been quite a year, has it not? We here at Total Visions hope the best for you, that your business is surviving and even thriving in these unpredictable times. We want to do our best to help you make your office environment good now, even in the midst of uncertainty and change.

These days offer so many unimagined challenges to us all, and for many of us that involves working from home, a circumstance we can’t see going away any time soon. Begin forced to work from home is a lot different than choosing it and planning for it. Chances are a lot of us didn’t buy a house or plan a home environment with an office in mind.

But now it’s been thrust upon you. Some space in your bustling, busy, cluttered home must be set aside so you can get a day’s work done —concentrate on individual work and maintain a quiet space for one more Zoom meeting. Wait, it’s time for the kids to be coming home from grandma’s… how will you keep the chaos at bay?

We can help you do that. There’s no rule against taking those handy modular walls you remember from your office and installing them in your home. No knocking out existing walls or months-long renovations. Modular walls can mark off even part of an existing room, with opaque or transparent walls or a combination of the two, to mark your territory. “This is my space.”

Stand in it. Breathe. There: you have your own private office!

Once you have your private space, at home or at your bustling office, you will want to fill it with furniture that makes the best use of whatever space you have. Of course you’ll also want it to project an air of success, authority, control, to inspire confidence in both employees and clients.

If you have a smaller office, do your best to make each piece of furniture do double duty – shelves with planters, filing cabinets as printer stands, shelves with doors that hold white boards or screens for digital meetings.

Put as much on the wall as you can, making use of hutches or even installing built-in shelving, saving you floor space. Open floor space, even if there isn’t a lot of it, will make the room feel bigger. And in a small room, doors that can cover up the view of fully stocked shelves keep you from being overwhelmed by the visual clutter.

The furniture you choose for your own office can reflect not just your business and brand, but your personality. In even the most traditional office, your venerable oak desk can now lean toward the contemporary with a simple silhouette or pale wood finish, for example. Dark wood need not be Victorian and ornate; acrylic or fibreglass can be made to look positively Baroque.

If your brand needs an aggressively contemporary look, you could go for a sleek glass and chrome executive desk, with the bonus that glass gives even the most formidable desk a lighter feel, so it works well in a smaller office.

Remember, too, that your personal office means everything can be customized to your uses and your person. If you’re shorter or taller than average, desk and table heights can be customized. Ergonomic, adjustable desk chairs with good lumbar support can protect your back, legs, and neck from the effects of sitting for hours. Make sure your desk chair has enough seat depth as well; you should be able to put two fingers in the space between the edge of the chair and the backs of your knees. And excellent executive chair will both look impressive and encourage healthy sitting habits.

And we know from many historical desks, locking drawers and secret storage can be fitted in your private space as well. Nobody needs to know about your secret stash of Chili Mango Jelly Bellies….

Especially in your home office, give serious thought to furniture that looks, well, homier. Current trends in office décor now run decidedly to the cozy, warm, and homelike, and much new office furniture eschews the institutional vibe. Wood and cork, lots of curves, and spots for greenery and personal décor will make your private office a place you look forward to retreating to. It also makes it a more relaxing place where you can receive clients or have confidential discussions with members of your team.

Whatever vibe you want to create in your private office, Total Visions has office furniture and office furniture experts that can make it happen. Contact us!